12 March 2010

Brass Needles podcast

I'm just getting into this whole podcast thing, but I've already found a second podcast to love!

It would be difficult to find something more "my cup of tea" than a podcast about knitting, cosplay and sci-fi—and Brass Needles, by "Miss Kalendar," fits all of these requirements quite nicely.

Each episode features a brief discussion of these topics, focusing perhaps on a particular knitting trend, a sci-fi show, or convention cosplay. Miss Kalendar is clearly passionate about all these subjects and I enjoyed her insights and opinions. I also found the snippets of fashion analysis (so far provided by Gail Carriger, author of Soulless) very interesting—they even made me go look up the companies that were mentioned.

I will continue to listen to the Brass Needles podcast and I encourage anyone with an interest in these subjects to do the same. The episodes are brief (around 10-12 minutes) and you can easily get your daily dose while checking your e-mail or updating your Ravelry notebook!

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