15 March 2010

The husband's doing a fantastic job

Final Fantasy XIIIThe husband has returned, and he has racked up major brownie points! Upon finishing his class, he returned home and changed out of his uniform. He asked me to check the pockets before he threw it in the laundry—and what did I find but FINAL FANTASY XIII! I've been wanting sooooo badly to play it! Then he told me to go see if the new pillow he bought while he was up there smelled funny.... and the FFXIII strategy guide was sitting underneath it!

What a guy!! The most impressive part of this feat is that he managed to pull it off without me spoiling the surprise somehow, like... buying it myself by the time he got home, or meeting him out by the car before he got a chance to tuck everything away. I am extraordinarily skilled at unintentionally ruining surprises.

The game is completely awesome so far. The thing I'd heard about it the most is that the story wasn't very good in comparison to previous games, but I'm actually really intrigued and this is the only Final Fantasy that has ever made me cry! Twice already! The graphics are amazing (of course)... to be expected since this is the first FF made for Blu-Ray. They have actually reached the point where the people in the actual gameplay segments and in the cut-scenes are almost indistinguishable. I LIKE the characters, and in particular the clothes and hair are just so cool! There are a bunch of knit items as well, and I'm just waiting for patterns for those to turn up online somewhere...

Anyway, it's been sort of busy this past weekend with a nephew birthday party, hanging out with friends, and doing a little website updating for my former employer. I've still got a lot to do on the webcomic template for Danielle, too. Dusting off these rusty HTML skills has been a rough experience. Perhaps the generous application of MORE COFFEE would help?

Right now it's time to catch up on all of our anime and then play some more FFXIII.

Current Music: The sound of Bryon watching a silent movie version of Last of the Mohicans in the background. I bet it sticks closer to the story than the Daniel Day Lewis version did (not that that would be difficult).

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