06 April 2010

Paying bills and other non-exciting stuff

Blahhhhh. Had a conversation with my mother today that reminds me just how many major life things I have to sort out at the moment. Where to live, where to work, what to do there... it's getting a little overwhelming. Thank goodness I have Bryon here with me or I think I'd really lose it and just curl up in a ball in my bed and read all day, every day. Maybe knit a little.

Anyway, Mom and I had our last Girls Read (afterschool program) today, so that's done. The girls seemed to enjoy the books and I know I had fun helping out.

Bryon and I are probably 4/5 of the way through Final Fantasy XIII. We beat the story part ages ago, but this game is structured so that lots of things don't even open up until after you beat the final boss (which is rather silly, if you ask me). I'll probably post a far-too-wordy review once I'm done, if I feel like it.

I was super-excited to pick up these two books:
Changeless (The Parasol Protectorate) Nine Rules to Break When Romancing a Rake
even though I had to wait five days after their release date to find them at the bookstore (booo!). I'm halfway through Changeless already and it's marvelous.

I've been cooking here and there. I made a pretty decent blueberry cobbler (although honestly, it had too many blueberries—I didn't think that was possible), a carrot cake from scratch for Easter, as well as some successful dinners. One I particularly liked was au gratin potatoes with sausage medallions. I think tonight will probably end in pancakes... not a bad way for it to go.

We've been watching a lot of stuff on Netflix's Instant Viewing. We finally got rid of our digital cable about a month ago, and signed up for Netflix again. We haven't really missed cable AT ALL (minus knowing that Craig Ferguson's Robot Skeleton Sidekick debuted last night, but I'm sure I can find that on YouTube) and we're watching lots of interesting and fun things, such as:
The X-Files - The Complete First Season (Slim Set) Red Dwarf: Series I Doctor Who - The Beginning Collection The Tudors - The Complete Second Season
...and also some fabulously bad sci-fi movies, such as:
Gene Simmons is also in this movie. It just wouldn't be the same without him.

(The best part is the last 10 seconds of the video. We laughed and laughed.)

Soooo... all that said, it's been a bill-paying kind of day, and it's about to be a dinner-making kind of day... off I go!

Current Music: - Bryon watching Spartacus (the TV show)

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